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Centurion Virgin Active
Centurion Value World
Akwamaryn Street
Highveld ext. 3

Telephone - 079 882 7742
Email - Danielle@biokineticist.co.za
Fax - 012 665 0304
A Biokineticist looks at the overall health and fitness of an individual and then prescribes the correct exercise and lifestyle changes for the patient

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Cardiac rehabilitation
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Diabetes Mellitus and other metabolic disorders
Sport injuries, massage & strapping
Sport performance enhancement
Stress Management
Weight control and weight loss

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Corporate Testing services You need to know:  
• Blood glucose and cholesterol
• Body composition and fat percentage
• Fitness assessments (Including Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply)
• Postura analysis
• Flexibility

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• All sessions can be claimed back from most medical aids.

• You don't have to be a member of Virgin Active to come and see me. Non-members are welcome.